John's musical career started at the tender age of five
when he first began playing the mandolin. Perhaps
because it was his first, the mandolin became his
best-loved instrument.

John is a multi-instrumentalist (he says he plays
everything but brass) who was formally educated at
Berklee College of Music in Boston (Arranging &
Composition) and received his degree in Music
Theory from the University at Albany.

He began honing his performance skills with a
number of ethno-centric groups (primarily Music of
Ukrainian origin) until his Berklee days. In Boston he
formed a rock/jazz fusion group named Go 90 which
was met with much critical acclaim. Moving back into
the Capital District he performed with Good News
then the Warm Horizon. He also began performing as
a soloist during this period. In Manhattan he
performed regularly at Folk City as part of the Young
Composers Concert Series. He then moved to Long
Island. There he has performed with 2 + TWO where
he played keyboards and sax while contributing his
vocal abilities as well. He has also performed and
recorded with theBlend, Howie and the Mean Dog
(mandolin & vocals) and The Woody Mack Band
(mandolin, keys, sax and vocals). His eclectic writing
and playing styles are uniquely his own. Most
recently, he has appeared as guest soloist with Sinclair
Productions.  String Breezes and  Dorian Aire

who regularly performed In South Jersey and in and around Bucks County, PA
were two other projects of which he was particularly proud.  
Currently, John performs with the High-energy Celtic Rock Band

John also shares his musical skills with his
ever-growing number of mandolin and guitar